Off to a flying start!

October 21, 2019
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October 21, 2019 Philip Holmes

Off to a flying start!

Soroptimist Carys Brown in action!

Bridgend Soroptimist Carys Brown has ensured that fundraising for ChoraChori has got off to a flying start.

Earlier this month Carys Brown decided it was time for her to take up a challenge. Or, more accurately, her three grandchildren (all aged 19+) took that decision for her. As a birthday present, they purchased Carys a ride on the mile-long zip wire at Penrhyn. It is the world’s fastest zip line that soars 500 feet above a disused slate quarry. Check this film out.

Carys’ grandchildren very nobly joined her to cheer her on her way. She claims that she kept her eyes open throughout, but perhaps, fortunately, the pit was shrouded in mist denying her what she described as potentially “spectacular” views (Ed: I can think of another adjective!)

Carys has raised £250 in sponsorship with a further £50 in pledges to come in. She’s also expecting to coax some more donations out of friends at the Bournemouth Conference. And it looks like she won’t take “no” for an answer. Some granny!

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